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Enhance Leadership Effectiveness

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognise and manage our own emotions and to understand and influence the emotions of others. It is widely considered to be a key indicator of successful leadership skills. The role of the leader in the workplace is changing, and EQ is fast becoming a key differentiator for success.  


The research shows that developing the core EI competencies improves leadership performance, allowing employees to reach their full potential, and helps address some of the most critical business challenges. Leaders can better manage difficult conversations, mitigate conflict, and create a positive and productive environment. Not only does EI help leaders to be more effective in their roles, but it can also make a significant difference to overall team performance, morale, and engagement. Finally, EI leaders are better able to recognise the skills and abilities of their team and use them to their fullest potential. This will lead to improved problem-solving, increased innovation, and higher job satisfaction. These benefits will translate into a stronger bottom line for the organisation.

Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment

Individual EI psychometric testing measures behaviours over 10 emotional and social competencies that are indicative of effective leadership. Plus, a 90 min coaching session on the results to inform an action/ development plan.

360 Multi-Rater Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Ideal for leadership performance development. The 360 Multi rater gives a more rounded view of performance by combining responses from your chosen raters which are then compared against a self-assessment. The juxtaposition of these two reports can provide powerful insights for self-awareness. Includes an individual 120 min coaching session on the results to inform an action/ development plan.

Leadership Emotional Intelligence Team Package

Ideal for understanding the collective emotional intelligence of a leadership team and for informed team strategy planning. The results of individual assessments are combined to understand the strengths and development areas of a team and how it impacts the wider employee group. It can be a powerful tool to support employee engagement, team culture and business performance. This package includes individual EI psychometric testing for each team member and an interactive workshop to help understand the results and inform an action plan.


Looking for something different? 

Workshops or presentations can be created or tailored to the specific needs of your team or organisation. Or, a package can be created using a combination of coaching, psychometric testing, and workshops to best support the intended outcome.

Take the next step and book a discovery session today! 


A discovery call is a complimentary, no-obligation short call to explore your team's needs, get to know each other better, and how we can best work together.

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