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Invest in Collective Success

Team workshops are an excellent way for team members to take time out together, to reflect, gain perspective, and build team cohesion, all whilst taking intentionally targeted steps towards their individual growth and development. 


Knowing that time is a luxury for many teams, these workshops are designed to be short and impactful. They provide a shared experience and language amongst leaders and their teams as a foundational kickstart for more effective action planning for teams and targeted development conversations for individuals. 


Team Brand Session (90 Mins)

A fully interactive future-looking team session that aims to bridge the gap between the current team dynamic and the ideal future state. The team work together to identify critical factors for success, along with the corresponding changes and actions needed to enhance team dynamic, perception and output.  


Own Your Brand (90 Mins)

This future-looking interactive exercise promotes self-awareness and intentional focus on identifying critical factors for success and corresponding meaningful personal development goals to enhance brand and professional impact. The workshop aims to build both self-awareness and the confidence to drive self-development. 


SMART Goals (90 Mins)

It's an interactive group session based on the SMART goal-setting framework that helps identify bite-sized, achievable actions for incremental change towards career/ team objectives. This workshop uses a buddy system approach that builds connection and collaboration amongst participants and establishes bonds that continue beyond the workshop.

This workshop can be delivered as a stand-alone or as a follow on session from Own Your Brand. I can also be adapted for team goal setting. 

Looking for something different? 

Workshops or presentations can be created or tailored to the specific needs of your team or organisation. Or, a package can be created using a combination of coaching, psychometric testing, and workshops to best support the intended outcome.

Take the next step and book a discovery session today! 


A discovery call is a complimentary, no-obligation short call to explore your team's needs, get to know each other better, and how we can best work together.

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